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Please note that all quoted time slots in booking documentation are approximate and may vary either way on the day due to reasons including but not limited to red flag stoppages, mechanical issues or other operational reasons.

  1. Passenger experiences and driving experiences require suitable weather conditions and sessions or days may therefore be subject to delay or cancellation at short notice.
  2. Passenger experiences and driving experiences may also be delayed or cancelled at short notice due to other operational circumstances outside of PureMotion Motorsport Ltd’s control.
  3. Participants in driving experiences must be at least 24 years old and must present a valid current UK DVLA driving licence or MSA racing licence to PureMotion Motorsport on the day of the event. The Instructor at their discretion may refuse participation to anyone who does not fulfil this condition and will not refund the event cost.
  4. Participants in passenger experiences must be at least 14 years old.
  5. Strict weight and height restrictions apply so please contact us before your event if: you weigh more than 17 Stones /108Kgs; are taller than 1.9 metres in height (approx. 6’6”); or are shorter than 1.5 metres (approximately 5’) as we may not be able to accept your booking for health and safety considerations.
  6. We are unable to refund the cost of an experience voucher under any circumstances. The vouchers are however transferable providing we are notified by email to info@puremotionmotorsport.co.uk at least 14 days before the event. Any re-arranged experiences must take place within a period of time as agreed by PureMotion Motorsport.
  7. PureMotion Motorsport will not be liable for any expenses incurred from experience delays or cancellations due to weather or operational circumstances.
  8. Family are permitted to accompany the driver or passenger to the circuit on the day of the event. However, children under 16 years old must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. Children under 16 years old are not allowed beyond the pit garage exit and are not allowed into the pit lane or on to the pit wall.
  9. Dogs (except guide dogs) or pets cannot be admitted to the event under any circumstances.
  10. All participants should ensure that they are in good health before registering for or participating in any event or experience with PureMotion Motorsport. If in doubt, they must seek the medical advice of their GP before participating in any event or experience.
  11. The Instructor at their discretion may refuse participation to anyone they suspect to have consumed alcohol or drugs within the previous 24 hours. PureMotion Motorsport will not refund the cost of any experiences interrupted or cancelled for this reason.
  12. It should be noted that any participants failing to take their confirmed experience render the voucher / experience invalid, unless written notice of cancellation has been given with at least 14 days’ notice by email to info@puremotionmotorsport.co.uk. In the event of the experience/event being cancelled by us (PureMotion Motorsport), the original booking / voucher remains valid, and will be rebooked for a mutually convenient date.
  13. Whilst every precaution is taken for safety neither the owner or operator of the circuit or PureMotion Motorsport can be held liable for any loss, damage or injury which does not result from their negligence.
  14. Participants will only be permitted to drive one of PureMotion Motorsport’s vehicles without a PureMotion Motorsport instructor in the car if they have taken out additional insurance to cover this. To avoid confusion, it is imperative that this must be agreed in advance with PureMotion Motorsport. A valid insurance certificate for the proposed driver must be presented to PureMotion Motorsport personnel on the day.
  15. The Instructor, at their discretion, has the right to refuse requests to drive one of PureMotion Motorsport’s vehicles without a PureMotion Motorsport instructor present and are not obliged to provide a refund of any costs incurred by the participant in such situations.
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