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FULL DAY @£895

A full day of driving over 90 miles on track with PureMotion Motorsport, is a truly exceptional experience. After your briefing, we get you suited up and strapped in next to one of our instructors, for you first 10 miles of instruction incuding 2 x Hot Laps. Then you take to the wheel throughout the day with 6 x 15 mile driving sessions, enabling you to build your confidence with the car and perfect your racing lines.  You will come away having learnt new skills and with a real appreciation of how to handle the speed and G Forces of our Radical SR3 RSX supercars. Your instructor will provide tuition and guidance throughout to maximise your on-track performance and bring out the race driver in you.
To provide the perfect end to your Experience, you will take with you full HD in-car video footage of your driving sessions and a PureMotion Motorsport t-shirt.  
You can choose from a range of world famous race circuits and we limit group numbers to a maximum of four people, to ensure we maximise your seat time. 


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